Beginner Fundamentals

This class is for students brand new to yoga and those wanting to strengthen their practice. This class will include breath work, breaking down sun salutations and yoga postures, helping you create a strong foundation. All Levels Welcome

Beginner Flow

Beginner Flow will move at a slower pace with a strong focus on linking breath and movement(vinyasa). The slower pace will give you time to give into the pose and breath allowing a deeper connection to body and self. All Levels Welcome


Gentle yoga brings together deep stretching and mindful movement in a slower paced class. Expect to work your entire body with a softer approach, applying compassion and awareness to a practice that includes postures and breathing exercises to open the body, calm the mind and soothe the spirit. All levels welcome.

All Levels

All Levels is for beginner thru advanced yoga students. We will move in a way that links our breath with our movements (vinyasa). Modifications will be offered for those newer to yoga and more challenging options for those students ready to take their practice to the next level. Most importantly is to listen to your body and take this time to deepen your connection to self. Beginner to advanced welcome.

All Levels with a Restorative Twist

Come unwind from your day! Whether it was fun in the sun or working all day. Move your body to a moderately paced vinyasa flow (linking breath & movement), end it with a little restoration. Restorative is longer held poses utilizing lots of props. A perfect way to end your practice and your day!
Beginner to advanced welcome.


Power Vinyasa

*Power – a stronger, faster paced vinyasa flow class with less instruction, an introduction to inversions, more advanced poses and more vinyasas.
*Students should have a strong foundation, have a regular (3+ times a week) yoga practice for at least 6 months(anywhere)and an understanding of pranayama & sun salutations before attending a power class. Injury free and/or know how to modify your practice.

Cardio Conditioning (pre-registration for this class is required)

Join Missi and get a jump start on your day! This 50 minute MMA/kickboxing (mixed martial arts) inspired class is meant to build strength, stamina and get your heart pumping.
All Levels welcome. Modifications will be offered.

Yoga Core

While yoga is really all about the core, in yogacore we get even deeper. Come prepared to have fun & work hard! All levels welcome!


Dive into the joys of your practice by learning how to release the energy our body stores. Restorative yoga allows you to ease into these poses by letting go of the effort to hold strength and instead focus that energy toward the mental aspects of yoga allowing the muscles to gradually expand and soften. Increase your energy by learning how to relax. Restorative yoga is a class aimed to realign and rejuvenate the body by holding supported relaxing poses for longer periods of time.
All levels welcome!

Heart of the Yogi

“An exploration of feelings and gentle inquiry, along with guided meditation and conversation designed to help you tune into the language of your heart, mind, and soul.”

Led by Jess Lenzi – Desire Map Facilitator/Shamballa Reiki Level 2 Practitioner


Teens 12 – 17 welcome in *any of our Beginner or All Level regular drop in classes with accompanying parent or guardian. *Power classes NOT recommended
If you have questions regarding your child or teen attending a regular adult class please email

Corporate & Groups

Studies have shown that typical results of a regular yoga practice will raise a worker’s focus and energy levels, improve attitude and increase productivity. The physical effects on overall health and fitness can also translate into less time out due to illness or injury. More companies and organizations of every size and type are now offering yoga instruction to employees, either at their facility or at a discounted rate or group in a local studio, as a component of a high end benefits package. If you have an interested group of any size or experience level, and would like to know more, please call 603-397-5558 or email